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Glennett R. Fowler serves as president and CEO of Fowlco Maritime & Project Services and values innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

Being passionate about the national development of The Bahamas. Her contributions to economic sustainability are reflected in her visionary leadership. Mrs. Fowler continues to position Fowlco as one of the leading marine and logistics management companies within the country.

Mrs. Fowler’s contributions to the movement of goods and services throughout The Bahamas and around the world, have earned her national recognition. She credits her professional accomplishments and expertise to her time spent at the University of Arkansas. There, she earned a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Training & Development and certification in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Being an exceptional thinker and doer, her quest for learning is on going and motivated her to complete a Diploma in Port Agency, Logistics & Dry Dock Logistics from Lloyds Maritime Academy in London, England.

Mrs. Fowler leads a dynamic team of driven, motivated, and dedicated individuals who make meaningful contributions to the organization’s success.

Mrs. Fowler remains attentive to Fowlco’s vision that affirms the “Enrichment of our customers and clients, employees and community member’s lives through consistent exceptional service, excellent business results and charity.”