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What can I ship with Fowlco?

We focus on shipping palletized cargo and containers. Small parcels can be accommodated if it is a part of the palletized or containerized cargo.

What are my shipping options?

Cargo can come via Ocean or Air depending on dimensions or your preference. We accommodate the customer’s request.

Do you offer consolidation?

Yes, we do. We load containers and build pallets. Have your consolidation request sent to

What all documents are required to have Fowlco clear my shipment?

  • You must be registered in Click2Clear system
  • C44 Form (Form of authorization)
  • Valid Government issued ID
  • Commercial Invoice for cargo
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

What do I need to clear my cargo bonded? (Freeport)

  • Your company Bond Number
  • Letter of good standing
  • All invoices must be in the company’s bonded name
  • C44 Form
  • Valid government ID
  • Items must fall under your Company Bond

How do I register on click2clear system as an individual?

We can assist you in the process. We would need the following to register you:

  • Physical address
  • Valid government ID
  • Email address and telephone contact

How do I register my business on the Click2Clear system?

  • Letter of good standing (if applicable)
  • B.9 Form and Bond (if applicable)
  • Valid Business license
  • Valid Tin Certificate
  • Valid Government ID
  • Physical Address
  • Email address and telephone contact

Do you offer delivery?

  • Yes, we provide container delivery (FCL) as well as pallets (LCL).

How long does it take to clear goods?

  • Clearance can take up to 2 business days given all documents are in order

What documents are needed from my Vessel to clear into the Bahamas?

  • Last 10 Port of Call List
  • Passenger List
  • Crew List
  • Crew Effects
  • Ship Stores List
  • NIL List
  • Original Last Port Clearance
  • Ship Particulars
  • Bahamas Maritime Health Declaration
  • Ship Sanitation Exemption Certificate
  • Ship Cargo Manifest (if cargo is onboard)
  • Vaccination List

What is the Agent boarding position?

For offshore cargo operations, Fowlco boarding agent will board the vessel for inward formalities at 1.5 nm Southwest of the Buckeye Terminal Sea Island Jetty. Boarding position may be altered given the current flow of marine traffic at the time of the vessel arrival.

For vessels accommodating an inland berth the boarding agent would board the vessel once it is all fast.

Is there a Designated Anchorage Zone at Freeport Bahamas?

Yes. Located 1.5 nm Northwest of Freeport Harbour Channel Entrance.

Is the Anchorage Zone Pilot Compulsory?

Yes, the Anchorage Zone is Pilot Compulsory and is monitored 24/7 by IMS Pilots on VHF Ch 06/16.

Can the vessel receive bunkers at the Anchorage Zone?

Yes, bunkers can be supplied at the anchorage zone, given the commodity of the cargo, weather conditions and policies of the bunker supplier.

Can my crew take shore leave?

Yes, if all immigration procedures have been completed along with proper permissions and notifications are in place.

Is garbage removal available?

Yes, garbage disposal is available. If offshore, a launch will be coordinated, and a garbage receipt will be provided.